Bio-Engineered Supplements & Nutrition, Inc. v. Muscle Elements, Inc.

No. 502013CA013954XXXXMB (Fla. 15th Cir. Ct. Sept. 25, 2013). The Firm successfully represented a manufacturer of sports nutrition products in a lawsuit against five former employees who opened a directly-competing business. During their employment, the former employees had access to their employer’s confidential and proprietary information, which they later used to aid their new business. The Firm brought several claims, including breach of non-compete agreements and trade-secret misappropriation, and sought entry of a preliminary injunction. Following a two-day evidentiary hearing, the Circuit Court for the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit in and for Palm Beach County, Florida entered a comprehensive preliminary injunction against the former employees, which enjoined them from utilizing their former employer’s proprietary information and from operating their new business for more than seven months.