Millionaire Gallery, Inc. v. Investment Ink, LLC

No. 14-008718 CA 23 (Fla. 11th Cir. Ct. Jul. 18, 2019). The Firm represented a designer, manufacturer and seller of memorabilia pieces that depict celebrities, musicians, athletes and historic figures and events. A team of three employees resigned from the Firm’s client and opened a directly-competing business using the client’s confidential, proprietary and trade-secret information. The Firm brought claims against the three employees and their business for breach of contract, unfair competition, violation of Florida’s Uniform Trade Secrets Act and breach of fiduciary duty. Following a jury trial in February-March 2018, the jury found in favor of the Firm’s client on all claims and awarded nearly $500,000.00 in damages on each claim. Because the Defendants’ misappropriation of trade secrets was willful and malicious, the Court also awarded the Firm’s client exemplary damages (double damages) and attorneys’ fees. Ultimately, the Court entered judgment in the total amount of $1,517,070.46 against all Defendants, jointly and severally. Finally, to prevent future misappropriation and unfair competition, the Court entered a permanent injunction that prohibits Defendants from using any of the Firm’s client’s confidential, proprietary and trade-secret information.