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Sirpal v. University of Miami

February 19, 2013

509 Fed. Appx. 924 (11th Cir. 2013). The Firm represented a private university and three doctors against claims for racial discrimination, breach of contract, defamation and tortious interference that had been brought by a dismissed medical student. The Firm obtained summary judgment on those claims, successfully demonstrating that the student […]

Garcia v. University of Miami

December 20, 2012

No. 1-12-cv-20009-UU (S.D. Fla. Dec. 20, 2012). The Firm successfully represented a private university in a lawsuit alleging gender discrimination under the Equal Pay Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Firm demonstrated to the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida […]

Meyer v. Health Management Associations, Inc.

December 2, 2012

No. CACE 11-25334 (19) (Fla. 17th Cir. Ct.) and United States ex rel. Paul Meyer v. Health Mgmt. Assocs., Inc., No. 11-62445-CIV (S.D. Fla.) The Firm represented a corporate compliance officer in a wrongful termination lawsuit under Florida’s Private-Sector Whistleblower’s Act against his former employer, a national healthcare corporation. After […]

Addison v. Carballosa

December 1, 2010

48 So. 3d 951 (Fla. 3d DCA 2010). The Firm represented husband-and-wife business partners in a lawsuit brought by the third partner in a business venture. The third partner contended that the Firm’s clients fraudulently misrepresented the terms of a contract regarding the business venture and tricked him into signing […]

Gulf Group Holdings, Inc. v. Coast Asset Management Corp.

April 13, 2007

No. 04-20850-CIV (S.D. Fla. 2007). The Firm represented a tax deed purchasing agent in a breach-of-contract lawsuit against a hedge fund investor. Following a week-and-a-half long jury trial, the Firm obtained a complete plaintiff’s verdict in excess of $20.6 million for its client.

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