Florida Personal Injury Representation

Trial lawyers at Isicoff Ragatz have ample experience representing clients on both sides of injury cases.

  • For defendants in injury cases, we thoroughly review every detail to determine whether there are legal or situational reasons for which a lawsuit does not apply to the facts. Our investigations are thorough, and our advocacy is effective.
  • For people hurt in accidents, we likewise conduct detailed investigations while building strong cases in support of the financial recovery that our clients need and deserve.

For all clients, we are dedicated to providing the service that they need. We keep every client well informed while pursuing the most favorable outcomes achievable in each case.

Defending Institutions In Damage Claim Cases

Our defense clients in injury cases are typically large institutions such as hospitals, colleges, universities, industrial facilities and retail establishments. We defend these clients against premises liability claims after someone has allegedly been sexually assaulted on the premises, suffered a slip-and-fall accident or suffered injuries in a structural collapse. We devise fee arrangements for defendants on an individual basis.

Representing Injured People After Accidents

When we represent individuals who have been injured on someone else’s property, we stay in close contact with their medical providers as well as with the injured client and their close family members. Documenting the extent of the injuries is vital. Our clients have often experienced harm through situations such as the following:

  • They have been assaulted in parking lots and other private and public places without adequate security
  • They have slipped and fallen on slick surfaces
  • They have tripped and fallen on stairs that were in poor repair or that had been constructed with defective design.
  • They have been injured on elevators, escalators or moving sidewalks (such as in airports)
  • They have been struck as pedestrians while crossing streets
  • They have been bitten by dogs, or injured through other animal attacks or encounters with animals (such as when a loose dog causes a bicyclist to fall)

By reviewing medical records, conducting accident reconstruction and analyzing legal elements, we prepare compelling claims for compensation from negligent and liable parties for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wage replacement
  • Pain and suffering

We offer free initial consultations to injured people and do not charge attorney fees until they recover compensation.

Consult With An Experienced Attorney Today

Our skilled litigators invite inquiries for defendants and plaintiffs (injured people) in personal injury cases with no further obligation.

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