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American businesses are better off when employees hold their workplaces accountable for misconduct, illicit activity and unethical behavior. If you have information about your employer’s illegal activity, the law will protect you.

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Isicoff Ragatz is a law firm focused on protecting employees when they demand better. Our legal team provides high-quality representation and efficient solutions for our clients.

Who Does The Law Protect, And How Can Isicoff Ragatz Help?

Whistleblowers are more than just CEOs and high-level executives; they include everyday workers who see something wrong and speak up. Whistleblower laws protect more people than you might think, including:

  • Employees who report fraud
  • Nursing home employees who report unsafe or unsanitary conditions
  • Hospital employees facing employee safety violations
  • Public employees who witness discriminatory policies
  • Small-business employees whose employers violate employment laws or business regulations

Regardless of whether you are an executive-level employee or hourly worker, the attorneys of Isicoff Ragatz are attentive, hardworking and passionate about your rights. As we prepare your case, you can feel confident that we will not be intimidated and will not back down.

We use our deep knowledge and nationally-recognized advocacy skills to protect you.

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