Undue hardship and the ADA’s reasonable accommodation requirement

by | Jul 20, 2021 | Uncategorized

Workplace discrimination claims continue to blanket nearly every profession. As an employer, this might leave you on edge. After all, it might seem to you like businesses are sued for discriminatory practices even after taking a number of precautionary steps. However, if you want to avoid claims of discrimination, then you can’t just implement policies and practices that you think will prevent discrimination. As helpful as doing so can be, you really need to know the law and how to apply it to your set of circumstances if you hope to obtain as much protection as possible.

The ADA and reasonable accommodations

For example, the Americans with Disabilities Act requires that certain employers make reasonable accommodations for workers who need them in order to enjoy equal employment opportunities. These accommodations can be wide ranging, including making applications accessible to those who are deaf and blind, making work spaces accessible to those who use a wheelchair, and even modifying work hours to ensure that a disabled individual can make it to medical appointments.

Reasonable accommodation and undue hardship

While you might be required to make reasonable accommodations under federal law, you might also be exempt from doing so if you can show that complying with a reasonable accommodation request would create an undue hardship. In most instances, exhibiting the costs associated with the accommodation, especially in light of your business’s resources, will show this hardship. Other factors that may be taken into consideration when determining whether a hardship exists include the number of employees at the business and how the accommodation will affect the business’s operations. Knowing how to apply the undue hardship analysis to your case could save your business a lot of money in the long run, especially if you’ve already been accused of violating the ADA’s reasonable accommodation requirement.

Know how to protect your business interests in employment law matters

Over the course of time, your business may run into a host of employment law issues, including contract disputes and severance package negotiations, as well as claims of discrimination, retaliation, and unpaid wages. Regardless of the particular issue that you may be facing, you need to be aggressive in defending your business. Help is available in that regard, which is why we hope that you’ll continue to browse our website to see what our firm has to offer its clients.