Why should you hire a copyright attorney?

by | Aug 20, 2021 | Uncategorized

Miami area residents who have intellectual property understand how important this is to keep protected. Those who have good ideas, write music, books, or movies, take photographs, create a website need protection that copyrights provide. An attorney who specializes in intellectual property can be a good ally.

The benefits

There are three main benefits for hiring a copyright attorney. These include:

  1. Copyright registration. An attorney can help their client complete their copyright registration. When an attorney is there to help their client through the process there won’t be mistakes, time delays or oversights.
  2. Copyright renewals. An attorney can help make sure copyright renewals do not get missed. They will keep a watchful eye on renewals and expirations and make sure those due dates are met.
  3. Copyright protection. A copyright attorney is critically important in protecting the copyright of their client. If a copyright is violated it is the responsibility of the registrant to seek a resolution. An attorney can protect their client’s best interests in these matters.

Making informed decisions

An attorney who specializes in intellectual property is invaluable for someone who wants to protect their work. Artists, musicians, photographers, software developers, designers, etc. have talent that deserves to be protected. An attorney can offer their client help with copyright applications, assist with complex licensing arrangements, and resolve copyright disputes. Copyright owners are entitled to recover statutory damages and attorney fees against infringers as well. Copyright protection is the lifeblood for the creative professions. A copyright portfolio is valuable, and infringement can be devastating. Having an attorney who understands how copyright law works is important.